Bloomsbury Design was established in 2006 by Christiane Ten-Hoopen and Hugh Cullum. It is a window gallery, open for sales on weekdays during office hours, and open to view 24 hours a day from the street.

Our exhibitions are chosen simply on the basis of appeal and design merit. They range from interior design and ethnic craft (textiles, furniture, ceramics) to the work of painters, sculptors and other artists. We have a catholic approach and welcome interest from potential
exhibitors. A free-form exhibition opportunity like this contributes to an area already defined by the tradition of literary Bloomsbury and the nearby British Museum and British Library.

Exhibitors have included:

Clare Burnett, sculpture (cover)
Francesca Galeazzi, installation
Joel Armstrong, photography
Tim Crawley, architectural stone carver
Matthew Kleinman, paintings and prints (back)
Roy Prentice, paintings and drawings
Rowan Whimster, pottery
Christine Koch, paintings
Diana Tapping, paintings
Kate King, pottery
Marthe Armitage, wallpaper and textiles
Julius Lightfoot, woodcarver
Albany Wiseman, drawings and watercolors
Lawrence Neal, maker of rush seated chairs
Norman Yap, ceramicist
Kendall Clark, weaver
Geoffrey Preston, sculpture and design
Philip Surey, Stone Carver and letterer
Jonathan Davis, paintings
Maddy Rita Faye, theatre sets and props
Ole Hagen, installations
Sapellé, African fashion and textiles


ten years of Bloomsbury Design

ten years of Bloomsbury Design